3H Isotope Information and Examples of Enriched 3H Applications:

Helium-3 isotope (He-3 isotope, 3H isotope)

  • 3H isotope is used for low-temperature refrigerators;
  • 3H isotope is used for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR);
  • 3H isotope is used for neutron detectors;
  • 3H isotope is used for ;

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3H Properties:

Number of Protons3
Atomic Number2
Atomic Radius
Atomic Mass3.016
Quadrupole Moment0
Electronegativity (Paulig)
Electron Configuration Blocks
VDW Radius (mm3)153
Mass Uncertainty2e-08
g-factor (g value)-4.255
Half LifeStable

Helium Information

Colourless, odourless gaseous nonmetallic element. Belongs to group 18 of the periodic table. Lowest boiling point of all elements and can only be solidified under pressure. Chemically inert, no known compounds. Discovered in the solar spectrum in 1868 by Lockyer.

Used in balloons, deep sea diving & welding. Also used in very low temperature research.

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