Neodymium Isotopes

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List of Neodymium isotopes and examples of enriched Neodymium applications

Neodymium-142 isotope (Nd-142 isotope, 142Nd isotope)

  • research in nuclear physics;

Neodymium-143 isotope (Nd-143 isotope, 143Nd isotope)

  • research in nuclear physics;

Neodymium-144 isotope (Nd-144 isotope, 144Nd isotope)

  • research in nuclear physics;

Neodymium-145 isotope (Nd-145 isotope, 145Nd isotope)

  • nan;

Neodymium-146 isotope (Nd-146 isotope, 146Nd isotope)

  • Promethium-147 radionuclide production (can be used in radiation sources of isotopic thermoelectric generators);
  • preparation of isotopic abundance references;

Neodymium-148 isotope (Nd-148 isotope, 148Nd isotope)

  • geological dating (Geochronology);

Neodymium-150 isotope (Nd-150 isotope, 150Nd isotope)

  • studies of double beta decay;
  • geological dating (Geochronology);

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