Tin-117 Isotope Information and Examples of Enriched Tin-117 Applications:

Tin-117 isotope (Sn-117 isotope, 117Sn isotope)

  • Tin-117 isotope is used for research on chemical reactions and chemical synthesis;

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Tin-117 Properties:

Number of Protons117
Atomic Number50
Atomic Radius162
Atomic Mass116.9
Quadrupole Moment0
Electronegativity (Paulig)1.96
Electron Configuration Blockp
VDW Radius (mm3)259
Mass Uncertainty3e-06
g-factor (g value)-2.002
Half LifeStable

Tin Information

Silvery malleable metallic element belonging to group 14 of the periodic table. Twenty-six isotopes are known, five of which are radioactive. Chemically reactive. Combines directly with chlorine and oxygen and displaces hydrogen from dilute acids.

Used as a coating for steel cans since it is nontoxic and noncorrosive. Also in solder (33%Sn:67%Pb), bronze (20%Sn:80%Cu), and pewter. Stannous fluoride (SnF2), a compound of tin and fluorine is used in some toothpaste.

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