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Who are we?
Buyisotope is Stockholm University spin-off and is integral part of Neonest AB company. The company combines a team of professionals from Chemistry and Physics to provide high quality products, support of the products, project development and innovations for our customers.

BuyIsotope team particularly focuses on distribution and sales of stable isotopes.
BuyIsotope provides high quality stable isotopes worldwide at competitive price.

List of stable isotopes which you can order from BuyIsotope:

Stable isotopes enriched using electromagnetic separation:
  • Barium stable isotopes: Ba-130, Ba-132, Ba-134, Ba-135, Ba-136, Ba-137, Ba-138;
  • Cadmium stable isotopes: Cd-106, Cd-108, Cd-110, Cd-111, Cd-112, Cd-113, Cd-114, Cd-116;
  • Calcium stable isotopes: Ca-40, Ca-42, Ca-43, Ca-44, Ca-46, Ca-48;
  • Cerium stable isotopes: Ce-136, Ce-138, Ce-140, Ce-142;
  • Chromium stable isotopes: Cr-50, Cr-52, Cr-53, Cr-54;
  • Copper stable isotopes: Cu-63, Cu-65;
  • Dysprosium stable isotope: Dy-156, Dy-158, Dy-160, Dy-161, Dy-162, Dy-163, Dy-164;
  • Erbium stable isotope: Er-162, Er-164, Er-166, Er-167, Er-168, Er-170;
  • Europium stable isotopes: Eu-151, Eu-153;
  • Gadolinium stable isotopes: Gd-152, Gd-154, Gd-155, Gd-156, Gd-157, Gd-158, Gd-160;
  • Gallium stable isotopes: Ga-69, Ga-71;
  • Hafnium stable isotopes: Hf-174, Hf-176, Hf-177, Hf-178, Hf-179, Hf-180;
  • Indium stable isotope: In-113;
  • Lanthanum stable isotopes: La-138, La-139;
  • Lead stable isotopes: Pb-204, Pb-206, Pb-207, Pb-208;
  • Lutetium stable isotopes: Lu-175, Lu-176;
  • Magnesium stable isotopes: Mg-24, Mg-25, Mg-26;
  • Neodymium stable isotopes: Nd-142, Nd-143, Nd-144, Nd-145, Nd-146, Nd-148, Nd-150;
  • Potassium stable isotopes: K-39, K-40, K-41;
  • Rhenium stable isotopes: Re-185, Re-187;
  • Rubidium stable isotopes: Rb-85, Rb-87;
  • Samarium stable isotopes: Sm-144, Sm-147, Sm-148, Sm-149, Sm-150, Sm-152, Sm-154;
  • Silver stable isotopes: Ag-107, Ag-109;
  • Strontium stable isotopes: Sr-84, Sr-86, Sr-87, Sr-88;
  • Thallium stable isotopes: Tl-203, Tl-205;
  • Titanium stable isotopes: Ti-46, Ti-47, Ti-48, Ti-49, Ti-50;
  • Ytterbium stable isotopes: Yb-168, Yb-170, Yb-171, Yb-172, Yb-173, Yb-174, Yb-176;
  • Zinc stable isotopes: Zn-64, Zn-66, Zn-67, Zn-68, Zn-70;
  • Zirconium stable isotopes: Zr-90, Zr-91, Zr-92, Zr-94, Zr-96;

Stable isotopes enriched via gas centrifugal separation:
  • Argon stable isotopes: Ar-36, Ar-38, Ar-40;
  • Tungsten stable isotopes: W-180, W-182, W-183, W-184, W-186;
  • Germanium stable isotopes: Ge-70, Ge-72, Ge-73, Ge-74, Ge-76;
  • Iron stable isotopes: Fe-54, Fe-56, Fe-57, Fe-58;
  • Iridium stable isotopes: Ir-191, Ir-193;
  • Cadmium stable isotopes: Cd-106, Cd-108, Cd-110, Cd-111, Cd-112, Cd-113, Cd-114, Cd-116;
  • Silicon stable isotopes: Si-29, Si-29, Si-28, Si-30;
  • Krypton stable isotopes: Kr-78, Kr-80, Kr-82, Kr-83, Kr-84, Kr-86;
  • Xenon stable isotopes: Xe-124, Xe-126, Xe-128, Xe-129, Xe-130, Xe-131, Xe-132, Xe-134, Xe-136;
  • Molybdenum stable isotopes: Mo-92, Mo-94, Mo-95, Mo-97, Mo-98, Mo-100;
  • Nickel stable isotopes: Ni-58, Ni-60, Ni-61, Ni-62, Ni-64;
  • Tin stable isotopes: Sn-112, Sn-116, Sn-124;
  • Osmium stable isotopes: Os-184, Os-186, Os-187, Os-188, Os-189, Os-190, Os-192;
  • Palladium stable isotopes: Pd-102, Pd-104, Pd-105, Pd-106, Pd-108, Pd-110;
  • Selenium stable isotopes: Se-76, Se-77, Se-78, Se-80, Se-82;
  • Sulfur stable isotopes: S-32, S-33, S-34, S-36;
  • Tellurium stable isotopes: Te-120, Te-122, Te-123, Te-124, Te-125, Te-126, Te-128, Te-130;
  • Zinc stable isotopes: Zn-64, Zn-66, Zn-67, Zn-68, Zn-70;