205Tl Isotope Information and Examples of Enriched 205Tl Applications:

Thallium-205 isotope (Tl-205 isotope, 205Tl isotope)

  • 205Tl isotope is used for Thallium-201 radionuclide (radioisotope) production (can be used in life science for healthcare and medical applications and pharmaceuticals industries);
  • 205Tl isotope is used for studies of thallium compounds through nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR);

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205Tl Properties:

Number of Protons205
Atomic Number81
Atomic Radius171
Atomic Mass205
Quadrupole Moment0
Electronegativity (Paulig)1.8
Electron Configuration Blockp
VDW Radius (mm3)259
Mass Uncertainty9e-06
g-factor (g value)3.276
Half LifeStable

Thallium Information

Pure, unreacted thallium appears silvery-white and exhibits a metallic lustre. Upon reacting with air, it begins to turn bluish-grey and looks like lead. It is very malleable, and can be cut with a knife. There are two stable isotopes, and four radioisotopes, Tl-204 being the most stable with a half-life of 3.78 years. Thallium sulphate was used as a rodenticide. Thallium sulphine's conductivity changes with exposure to infrared light, this gives it a use in infrared detectors. Discovered by Sir William Crookes via spectroscopy. Its name comes from the Greek word thallos, which means green twig. Thallium and its compounds are toxic and can cause cancer.

Its compounds are used in rat and ant poisons. Also for detecting infrared radiation.

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