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Who are we?

Buyisotope is integral part of Neonest AB company. The company combines a team of professionals from Chemistry and Physics to provide high quality products, support of the products, project development and innovations for our customers.
BuyIsotope team particularly focuses on distribution and sales of enriched isotopes.
BuyIsotope provides high-quality enriched isotopes including stable isotopes, isotopically-enriched gases and radioisotopes worldwide at competitive price.

We can offer Product Development and Custom Synthesis using the enriched Isotopes at Buylsotope.com . You are welcome to go directly "Request a Quote" to write your specifications.
Examples of products using the enriched isotopes are foils, pellet, rods, targets. Example of custom synthesis of chemical substances with the enriched isotopes are production of chlorides, metals from oxides, sulfates.

Below is list of enriched isotopes, which you can order from BuyIsotope:

Isotopes enriched using electromagnetic separation:

Isotopes enriched using gas centrifugal separation: