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Neonest AB
Solna, Sweden

[email protected]

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Neonest AB and BuyIsotope team is Isotope Supplier (enriched chemical elements and compounds in specific isotope).

We offer a range of high quality enriched isotopes e.g. Zn-68, Ga-68, Ga-69, Ca-44, Ca-42, Pd-102, Sr-88, Lu-176, Yb-176, Ir-191, Ba-130, Tl-203, Yb-168, Sm-152, Sr-84, Sr-88 in different chemical forms: e.g. oxide, metal, carbonate and enriched isotopic gases e.g. Xe-124, Xe-129, Xe-131.

On requests: we produce monoisotopic chemical compounds e.g. cisplatin, nitrates, chlorides and convert of rare-earth oxides to metals. We can produce different structured forms of the enriched isotopes e.g. targets, foils, rods, cylinders, pins, pellets.

Buyisotope offers also non-enriched products e.g. Iridium pellets, Iridium discs, Iridium pins, Rubidium metal (purity 99.997%) and over 1000 High Purity Inorganic Compounds including Alkali metals and Rare-Earth metals and Alkali compounds and Rare-Earth compounds.

Please let us know what is your requirement and we will find a solution.