38Ar Isotope Information and Examples of Enriched 38Ar Applications:

Argon-38 isotope (Ar-38 isotope, 38Ar isotope)

  • 38Ar isotope is used for as a tracer in geological dating;
  • 38Ar isotope is used for mass-spectrometer calibration;

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38Ar Properties:

Number of Protons38
Atomic Number18
Atomic Radius
Atomic Mass37.96
Quadrupole Moment0
Electronegativity (Paulig)
Electron Configuration Blockp
VDW Radius (mm3)199
Mass Uncertainty2e-06
g-factor (g value)0
Half LifeStable

Argon Information

Monatomic noble gas. Makes up 0.93% of the air. Colourless, odorless. Is inert and has no true compounds. Lord Rayleigh and Sir william Ramsey identified argon in 1894.

Used in lighting products. It is often used in filling incandescent light bulbs. Some is mixed with krypton in fluorescent lamps. Crystals in the semiconductor industry are grown in argon atmospheres.

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