Cisplatin Pt-196 Information:

Cisplatin Platinum-196 (Cisplatin Pt-196, Cisplatin 196Pt)

  • Monoisotopic Cisplatin Pt-196 is produced using enriched Pt-196 isotope metal with isotopic enrichment >94%;
  • Monoisotopic Cisplatin Pt-196 is used for research and applications in mass cytometry which is a mass spectrometry technique. In the mass cytometry antibodies are combined and resolved in individual cells as compared to traditional fluorescence-based cytometry. It uses of antibodies coupled to isotopically enriched Cisplatin Pt-196 mass tags, that can be quantified in individual cells using an Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) (for life science i.e. health and medical applications and pharmaceuticals industries);

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Cisplatin Pt-196 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Download pdf file
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