Cl-35 Isotope Applications:

Chlorine-35 isotope (Cl-35 isotope, 35Cl isotope)

  • Cl-35 isotope is used for production of Chlorine-36 (Cl-36 isotope, 36Cl isotope) radionuclide (radioisotope) for use in e.g. biological research and life science;

Cl-35 isotope is available to order from in Cl-35 sodium chloride (NaCl) chemical form. Please contact us via request a Cl-35 quote to order Cl-35 isotope, to get Cl-35 price and to buy Cl-35 isotope.

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Properties of Cl-35 Isotope:

Properties of Cl-35 Isotope:Cl-35
Natural Abundance (%)76
Atomic Mass (Da)34.96885269
Relative Isotopic Mass34.96885269
Neutron Number (N)18
Atomic Number (Z)17
Mass Number (A)35
Nucleon Number (A)35
Proton Number (Z)17
Quadrupole Moment -0.08249
g-factor (g value)0.5479162
Electron Configuration Blockp
Melting Point (K)172.2
Boiling Point (K)238.6
Specific Heat0
Heat of Formation121.302
Thermal Conductivity0.0089
Dipole Polarizability 14.6
Electron Affinity (kJ/mole)3.612725
Electronegativity (Pauling scale)3.16
Atomic Radius (pm)0
Covalent Radius (pm)100
VDW Radius (pm)175
Lattice Constant6.24
Crystal StructureORC
Jmol color#1ff01f

Cl-35 Information

Chlorine is a halogen element. It is the poisonous greenish-yellow gas. This element occurs widely in nature as sodium chloride in seawater. It reacts directly with many elements and compounds, strong oxidizing agent. Chlorine was discovered by Karl Scheele in 1774. Humphrey David confirmed chlorine as an element in 1810. Chlorine has 25 isotopes, 2 of them are stable and naturally occurring.

Chlorine is used in water purification, bleaches, acids and many other compounds such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFC).

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FAQ about Cl-35 Isotope:

What is Cl-35 isotope natural abundance?
Answer: 76.000 %

What is atomic mass for Cl-35 isotope?
Answer: 34.968853 Da

What is isotopic mass for Cl-35 isotope?
Answer: 34.968853

How many neutrons does Cl-35 isotope have?
Answer: 18

How many protons does Cl-35 isotope have?
Answer: 17

How many electrons does Cl-35 isotope have?
Answer: 17

What is atomic number for Cl-35 isotope?
Answer: 17

Is Cl-35 isotope stable?
Answer: Yes

Is Cl-35 isotope radioactive?
Answer: No

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