Er-166 Isotope Applications:

Erbium-166 isotope (Er-166 isotope, 166Er isotope)

  • Er-166 isotope is used for research in nuclear physics;

Er-166 isotope is available to order from in Er-166 metal (Er) chemical form and in Er-166 oxide (Er2O3) chemical form. Please contact us via request a Er-166 quote to order Er-166 isotope, to get Er-166 price and to buy Er-166 isotope.

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Er-166 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in metal form - Download pdf file
Download Er-166 SDS in metal form

Properties of Er-166 Isotope:

Properties of Er-166 Isotope:ER-166
Natural Abundance (%)33.503
Atomic Mass (Da)165.9302931
Relative Isotopic Mass165.9302931
Neutron Number (N)98
Atomic Number (Z)68
Mass Number (A)166
Nucleon Number (A)166
Proton Number (Z)68
Quadrupole Moment0
g-factor (g value)0
Electron Configuration Blockf
Melting Point (K)1802
Boiling Point (K)3141
Specific Heat0.168
Heat of Formation316.4
Thermal Conductivity14.5
Dipole Polarizability 150
Electron Affinity (kJ/mole)0.312
Electronegativity (Pauling scale)1.24
Atomic Radius (pm)176.1с
Covalent Radius (pm)175
VDW Radius (pm)267
Lattice Constant3.56
Crystal StructureHCP
Jmol color#00e675

Er-166 Information

Erbium is a solid silvery metallic element which belongs to the lanthanoids. It has six natural isotopes that are stable. Totally erbium has 36 isotopes. This element is used in nuclear technology as a neutron absorber. It is being investigated for other possible uses. Erbium was discovered by Carl G. Mosander in 1843.

Erbium oxide is used in ceramics to obtain a pink glaze. There are a few uses of erbium in the nuclear industry too and this element is used as an alloying agent for other exotic metals. For example, it increases the malleability of vanadium.

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FAQ about Er-166 Isotope:

What is Er-166 isotope natural abundance?
Answer: 33.503 %

What is atomic mass for Er-166 isotope?
Answer: 165.93029 Da

What is isotopic mass for Er-166 isotope?
Answer: 165.93029

How many neutrons does Er-166 isotope have?
Answer: 98

How many protons does Er-166 isotope have?
Answer: 68

How many electrons does Er-166 isotope have?
Answer: 68

What is atomic number for Er-166 isotope?
Answer: 68

Is Er-166 isotope stable?
Answer: Yes

Is Er-166 isotope radioactive?
Answer: No

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