Examples of Iridium Products based on pure Iridium metal (not enriched):

  • Iridium Disc:

    Examples of Iridium discs:

    Iridium Disc photo, Ir Disc, Iridium Metal Disc, Buy Iridium Disc

  • Iridium Pins:

    Examples of Iridium pins:

    Iridium Pins photo, Ir Pins, Iridium Metal Pins, Buy Iridium Pins Iridium Pins size photo, Ir Pins size, Iridium Metal Pins size, Iridium Pins with ruler reference

  • Iridium Targets (Iridium Sputtering Targets);

  • Iridium Foils (Iridium Flat-Rolled Products);

  • Iridium Cylinders;

Iridium products are available to order from BuyIsotope.com in Iridium metal (Ir) chemical form. Please contact us via request Iridium products quote BuyIsotope.com to order Iridium products, to get Iridium products price and to buy Iridium products.

We can offer also enriched Iridium-191 Products, please follow the links for more information: Enriched Iridium-191 Discs

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Iridium Information

Iridium is a very hard and brittle, silvery metallic transition element. It has a yellowish cast to it. Salts of iridium are highly coloured. It is the most corrosion resistant metal known, not attacked by any acid, but is attacked by molten salts. There are two natural isotopes of iridium, and 4 radioisotopes, the most stable being Iridium-192 with a half-life of 73.83 days. Iridium-192 decays into Platinum, while the other radioisotopes decay into Osmium (not all). Iridium is used in high temperature apparatus, electrical contacts. Iridium was discovered by Smithson Tennant in England in 1803. The name Iridium comes from the Greek word Iris, which means rainbow. Iridium metal is generally non-toxic due to its relative unreactivity, but iridium compounds should be considered highly toxic.

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