Lists of isotopes by separation method:

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List of Iron stable isotopes and
examples of Iron isotope applications
  • Cobald-55 positron-emitting radionuclide production (can be used for medical purposes);
  • Iron-55 radionuclide production (can be used for radiological and medical purposes);
  • studies of biological impact of powdered metals;
  • neutron detection and neutron spectra measurement;
  • slow neutron polarization;
  • as a reference in element analysis through mass-spectrometry;
  • low-level neutron flux detection and neutron spectra measurement;
  • Cobalt-55 positron-emitting isotope production (can be used for medical purposes);
  • production of accurate neutron filters;
  • iron iodide and iron bromide lamp;
  • Mössbauer spectroscopy: production of gamma quantum sources and polarized emission sources;
  • studies of fiber sorbents, Ziegler–Natta catalysts, polynuclear cluster compounds;
  • doping of iron borate crystals for studies of nuclear resonant scattering ;
  • studies of studies of phase transfer kinetics in minerals and cation exchange in hydrothermal processes;
  • studies of irregularities in structures of crystals, glass and ceramic materials through nuclear gamma resonance (NGR) and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR);
  • studies of iron metabolism, protein tracing through NGR spectroscopy;
  • as an absorber for Mössbauer spectrometer calibration;
  • gamma radiation detector development;
  • magnetic domain thin film design;
  • studies of hydrogen diffusion in metals;
  • studies of magnetic compounds (e.g. studies of materials with high Curie temperatures and electron mobility, magnetic semiconductors, magnetic isotope doped amorphous materials);
  • studies of phase changes and pinhole defects in rare-earth metal oxides
  • studies of surface properties of high dispersion minerals;
  • Iron-59 radionuclide production (can be used for medical purposes);
  • synthesis of superheavy elements;
  • tracing element migration in soil and plants;