74Se Isotope Applications:

Selenium-74 isotope (Se-74 isotope, 74Se isotope)

  • 74Se isotope is used for Selenium-75 (Se-75 isotope, 75Se isotope) radionuclide (radioisotope) production (can be used in life science for healthcare and medical applications and pharmaceuticals industries);

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74Se Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in elemental form - Download pdf file
Download 74Se SDS in elemental form

Properties of 74Se Isotope:

Properties of 74Se Isotope:74Se
Natural Abundance (%)0.86
Atomic Mass (Da)73.9224764
Relative Isotopic Mass73.9224764
Neutron Number (N)40
Atomic Number (Z)34
Mass Number (A)74
Nucleon Number (A)74
Proton Number (Z)34
Quadrupole Moment0
g-factor (g value)0
Electron Configuration Blockp
Melting Point (K)494
Boiling Point (K)958
Specific Heatnan
Heat of Formation227.2
Thermal Conductivity0.52
Dipole Polarizability 28.9
Electron Affinity (kJ/mole)2.0206047
Electronegativity (Pauling scale)2.55
Atomic Radius (pm)0
Covalent Radius (pm)115
VDW Radius (pm)190
Lattice Constant4.36
Crystal StructureHEX
Jmol color#ffa100

74Se Information

Selenium is a nonmetal element, belongs to group 16 of the periodic table. Multiple allotropic forms of selenium exist. This element resembles sulphur chemically. Selenium was discovered by Jons J. Berzelius in 1817. Selenium has 30 isotopes. 6 of them are naturally occurring, 5 of which are stable.

Light causes selenium to conduct electricity more easily. Selenium is used in photoelectric cells, TV cameras, xerography machines and as a semiconductor in solar batteries and rectifiers. Also this element colors glass red.

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FAQ about 74Se Isotope:

What is 74Se isotope natural abundance?
Answer: 0.860 %

What is atomic mass for 74Se isotope?
Answer: 73.922476 Da

What is isotopic mass for 74Se isotope?
Answer: 73.922476

How many neutrons does 74Se isotope have?
Answer: 40

How many protons does 74Se isotope have?
Answer: 34

How many electrons does 74Se isotope have?
Answer: 34

What is atomic number for 74Se isotope?
Answer: 34

Is 74Se isotope stable?
Answer: Yes

Is 74Se isotope radioactive?
Answer: No

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