78Kr Isotope Applications:

Krypton-78 isotope (Kr-78 isotope, 78Kr isotope)

  • 78Kr isotope is used for Bromine-75 (Br-75 isotope, 75Br isotope) positron-emitting radionuclide (radioisotope) production (can be used in life science for healthcare and medical applications and pharmaceuticals industries);
  • 78Kr isotope is used for spectral studies;

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78Kr Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in gas form - Download pdf file
Download 78Kr SDS in gas form

Properties of 78Kr Isotope:

Properties of 78Kr Isotope:78Kr
Natural Abundance (%)0.36
Atomic Mass (Da)77.9203648
Relative Isotopic Mass77.9203648
Neutron Number (N)42
Atomic Number (Z)36
Mass Number (A)78
Nucleon Number (A)78
Proton Number (Z)36
Quadrupole Moment0
g-factor (g value)0
Electron Configuration Blockp
Melting Point (K)115.78
Boiling Point (K)119.93
Specific Heat0.247
Heat of Formationnan
Thermal Conductivity0.00943
Dipole Polarizability 16.78
Electron Affinity (kJ/mole)-1
Electronegativity (Pauling scale)3
Atomic Radius (pm)0
Covalent Radius (pm)
VDW Radius (pm)202
Lattice Constant5.72
Crystal StructureFCC
Jmol color#5cb8d1

78Kr Information

Krypton is a colorless gaseous element, belongs to the noble gases. It occurs in the air, 0.0001% by volume. This element can be extracted from liquid air by fractional distillation. Generally krypton is not isolated, but it is used with other inert gases in fluorescent lamps. It has 33 isotopes. 6 of them are natural, 5 of which are stable. Kr-85, the most stable radioactive isotope, has a half-life of 10.76 years and it is produced in fission reactors. Krypton is practically, though it is known to form compounds with Fluorine.

Krypton is used in lighting products. Some of its compounds are used as inert filler-gas in incandescent bulbs. Some of its compounds are mixed with argon in fluorescent lamps. The most important usage of krypton is in flashing stroboscopic lamps that outline airport runways.

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FAQ about 78Kr Isotope:

What is 78Kr isotope natural abundance?
Answer: 0.360 %

What is atomic mass for 78Kr isotope?
Answer: 77.920365 Da

What is isotopic mass for 78Kr isotope?
Answer: 77.920365

How many neutrons does 78Kr isotope have?
Answer: 42

How many protons does 78Kr isotope have?
Answer: 36

How many electrons does 78Kr isotope have?
Answer: 36

What is atomic number for 78Kr isotope?
Answer: 36

Is 78Kr isotope stable?
Answer: Yes

Is 78Kr isotope radioactive?
Answer: No

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