Cerium-136 Isotope Information and Examples of Enriched Cerium-136 Applications:

Cerium-136 isotope (Ce-136 isotope, 136Ce isotope)

  • Cerium-136 isotope is used for research in nuclear physics;

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Cerium-136 Properties:

Number of Protons136
Atomic Number58
Atomic Radius181
Atomic Mass135.9
Quadrupole Moment0
Electronegativity (Paulig)1.12
Electron Configuration Blockf
VDW Radius (mm3)274
Mass Uncertainty3e-06
g-factor (g value)0
Half LifeStable

Cerium Information

Silvery metallic element, belongs to the lanthanoids. Four natural isotopes exist, and fifteen radioactive isotopes have been identified. Used in some rare-earth alloys. The oxidized form is used in the glass industry. Discovered by Martin .H. Klaproth in 1803.

Its oxides are used in the optics and glass-making industries. Its salts are used in the photography and textile industry. Used in high-intensity carbon lamps and as alloying agents in special metals.

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