Titanium-49 Isotope Information and Examples of Enriched Titanium-49 Applications:

Titanium-49 isotope (Ti-49 isotope, 49Ti isotope)

  • Titanium-49 isotope is used for Vanadium-49 radionuclide (radioisotope) production;
  • Titanium-49 isotope is used for research in nuclear physics;

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Titanium-49 metal Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Download pdf file
Download Titanium-49 metal SDS

Titanium-49 oxide Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Download pdf file
Download Titanium-49 oxide SDS

Properties Of Titanium-49 Isotope:

Neutron Number (N)27
Atomic Number / Proton Number (Z)22
Mass Number / Nucleon Number (A)49
Natural Abundance (%)0.0541
Atomic Mass (Da)48.947866
Relative Isotopic Mass48.947866
Quadrupole Moment0.247
g-factor (g value)-0.315477
Electron Configuration Blockd
Melting Point (K)1933
Boiling Point (K)3560
Specific Heat0.523
Heat of Formation473
Thermal Conductivity21.9
Dipole Polarizability 100
Electron Affinity (kJ/mole)0.079
Electronegativity (Pauling scale)1.54
Atomic Radius (pm)147
Covalent Radius (pm)140
VDW Radius (pm)239
Lattice Constant2.95
Crystal StructureHEX
Jmol color#bfc2c7

Titanium Information

White metallic transition element. Occurs in numerous minerals. Used in strong, light corrosion-resistant alloys. Forms a passive oxide coating when exposed to air. First discovered by Gregor in 1789.

Since it is strong and resists acids it is used in many alloys. Titanium dioxide (TiO2), a white pigment that covers surfaces very well, is used in paint, rubber, paper and many others.

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